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ASCA Source Catalog

The ASCA Medium Sensitivity Survey (the GIS Catalog Project)

    Y. Ueda*1, Y. Ishisaki*2, T. Takahashi*1, K. Makishima*3, and T. Ohashi*2

    1: Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, 
       Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229-8510, Japan
    2: Department of Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan 
       University, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0397, Japan
    3: Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, 
       Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan


We present the first X-ray source catalog of the ASCA Medium Sensitivity Survey (AMSS; or the GIS catalog project), constructed from data at Galactic latitudes |b| > 10 deg observed between 1993 May and 1996 December. The catalog utilizes 368 combined fields, and contains 1343 sources with the detection significance above 5 sigma either in the survey bands of 0.7-7 keV, 2-10 keV, and 0.7-2 keV, including target sources. For each source, the ASCA source name, position, a 90% error radius, count rates in the three bands, detection significances, fluxes, a hardness ratio are provided.

The ASCII versionM of the source list is available. For description of columns see README.


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