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The Astro-E2 Project Started

November 2001

In order to explore the active and violent Universe with X-rays, Astro-E was planned and launched on February 10, 2000. Due to the rocket accident, however, it was not put into the orbit. The science we aimed at with Astro-E is summarized in the 'Science' section. We intended to advance the science of ASCA satellite with Astro-E, and it was expected to be be one of the three major X-ray observatories in the world at the beginning of this new century. Believing such a mission will be still new and critical to explore X-ray astronomy even several years from now, we have proposed a recovery mission of Astro-E as soon as possible. Finally our budget proposal of Astro-E2 launch in 2005 was accepted by the Japanese government in the fiscal year starting from April 2001. US collaborators were also successful to be funded by the US government from the fiscal year 2001.

Currently Astro-E2 is planned to be launched in January-February 2005. In December 2001, the first science working group meeting will be held with members from all over the world.

We would like to appreciate your understanding of the importance of this mission, and your support to start the project. We will do our best to successfully launch Astro-E2. Please keep watching our project through this Web page.

The Astro-E2 team
Project Manager Hajime Inoue
Project Scientist Hideyo Kunieda

ISAS/JAXA Department of High Energy Astrophysics

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