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Delay of Astro-E2 Launch

Delay of M-V-6 launch

ISAS/JAXA announced that the launch of Astro-E2 scheduled in January-February 2005 would take place no earlier than April 2005. The delay is a result of JAXA's intention to focus all of its resources on solving the solid rocket problems found in the solid booster (SRB-A) of H-IIA vehicle.

Astro-E2 launch schedule

In JAXA, it is the most important issue to resume the SBR-A, which had serious problems in the launch of H-IIA-6. Since the SBR-A and M-V are based on the common technology of solid motors and produced by the same industry, it has become clear that it should be difficult for JAXA to keep both H-IIA SBR-A and M-V teams in parallel at JAXA as well as at the industry.

In order to ensure the success of the H-IIA launch scheduled in February 2005, JAXA has to muster all of its expertise on solid motors from H-IIA and M-V teams. Therefore the preparation of M-V-6 at the launch site which was scheduled to start from October 2004 is cancelled. This means the launch of M-V-6 in the Japanese fiscal year of 2004 has to be postponed into the next fiscal year.

The Astro-E2 satellite to be lifted off by M-V-6 is the retry of the Astro-E, which could not be placed in orbit in February 2000 because of rocket problems. JAXA recognizes the strong desire of scientists in the world community to achieve the science goals of Astro-E2 and will try to investigate every possibility to launch M-V-6 as early as possible in the fiscal year 2005.

ISAS/JAXA Department of High Energy Astrophysics

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