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Dear friends,

In order to assure the continuity of space-based gamma-ray astronomy within the next decades, we propose to meet during a two-day workshop on

March 10 and 11, 2009 at
ISAS, Bldg A, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

The purpose of our meeting will be to examine the perspectives for hard-X / soft gamma-ray astronomy and discuss possible future mission scenarios in light of the scientific objectives of the community. What are the key science questions that have to be tackled by the next generation of instruments in the field ? What are the innstrumental requirements in imaging, spectroscopy, polarisation ? What is the sensitivity level which is REALLY needed ? Which instrumental concept(s) can satisfy the science requirements ? In which programatic context a joint gamma-ray mission can be proposed in the near future in Europe, Japan, the US ?

Please let us know if you will participate in the meeting as soon as possible.
If you provide us with the title of a short contribution before the end of january, we will include it in the draft agenda that will be circulated in the beginning of february.
Please send your reply to the following address
gamma2009 atmark astro.isas.jaxa.jp

With our best wishes for a happy and successful 2009 !

Tad Takahashi, Steve Boggs and Peter von Ballmoos

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All slides presented at the meeting are uploaded here.
This page is password protected. Please ask LOC if you need to access.

Joing Gamma-ray Mission Meeting 2009 Organizing Committee
e-mail : gamma2009-loc atmark astro.isas.jaxa.jp

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