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Notification of Abstract Submission

Revised on June 17, 2005

Thank you for your abstract submission. The LOC selected the abstracts as shown in the list below. Note that the invited talks are not included in this list.

  • Device physics
    oral Bruijn, Marcel Steepness, noise and instabilities of Ti/Au transition edge thermometers
    oral Deiker, Steven Transition Edge Sensors Using Dilute AlMn Alloys
    oral Golubov, Alexander Subgap structures due to Andreev bound states in Ta/Al junctions
    oral Hijmering, Richard Imaging spectroscopy with Ta/Al DROIDs: performance for different absorber lengths
    oral Kozorezov, Alexander Quasiparticle dynamics in superconducting tunnel junctions
    oral Lindeman, Mark Percolation Model of Excess Electrical noise in Transition Edge Sensors
    oral Maasilta, Ilari Optimizing the operating temperature of a transition edge sensor
    oral Machida, Masahiko Direct Numerical Simulation on Non-equilibrium Superconducting Dynamics after Neutron Capture in MgB$_2$ superconductor
    oral Martin, Didier Vertical Inhomogeneities in Superconducting Tunnel Junctions
    oral Piat, Michel Modelisation of Planck-HFI bolometers using non-linear effects in thermometer
    oral Saab, Tarek Determination of Complex Microcalorimeter Parameters with Impedance Measurements
    oral Stevenson, Thomas Silicon Hot-Electron Bolometers with Single-Electron Transistor Readout
    poster Andrianov, Victor Quasiparticle Recombination in STJ X-Ray Detectors
    poster Crowder, S. Gwynne An Investigation of Excess Noise in Transition-Edge Sensors on a Solid Substrate
    poster Gao, Jiansong Experimental study on the kinetic inductance fraction of a superconducting coplanar waveguide
    poster Hijmering, Richard Imaging spectroscopy with Ta/Al DROIDs: performance for different Al trapping layer thicknesses
    poster Irwin, Kent D. Noise theory of nonlinear, nonequilibrium calorimeters and bolometers
    poster Ishida, Takekazu Thermal transient response of membrane-structured-superconducting MgB$_2$ detector by using 20-ps pulse laser
    poster Kim, Yong-Hamb Electron-Phonon Interactions in Metal Films on Dielectric Substrates
    poster Maasilta, Ilari Ballistic phonon heat transport in thin dielectric membranes
    poster Marrache-Kikuchi, Claire Akiko Properties of thermometric NbSi thin films and application to detection in astrophysics
    poster Samedov, Victor Theoretical Basis for Position Correction Method for Improving the Energy Resolution of Cryogenic Imaging Detectors
    poster Stokes, Michael Keith Defect-induced temperature and galvanomagnetic effects in a niobium-based superconducting tunnel junction
    poster Utsumi, Yasuhiro Counting statistics in a single-electron transistor

  • Detector technology
    oral Ali, Shafinaz Transition Edge Sensor Array Development for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
    oral Allen, Christine Backshort-Under-Grid arrays for infrared astronomy
    oral Burney, Jennifer Transition-Edge Sensor Arrays for UV-Optical-IR Astrophysics
    oral Day, Peter Antenna-coupled Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors
    oral Figueroa-Feliciano, Enectali Design and Performance of High-Fill Fraction TES Arrays for Future X-ray Astrophysics Missions
    oral Fleischmann, Andreas Metallic magnetic calorimeters for the detection of x-rays and energetic particles
    oral Hilton, Gene A 1,280 pixel TES array with an in-focal-plane SQUID Multiplexer for SCUBA-2
    oral Hishiki, Shigeomi First Detection of Gamma Ray Peak by Undoped InSb Schottky Detector
    oral Iyomoto, Naoko Position-Sensitive Transition-edge sensors
    oral Kraft-Bermuth, Saskia Development of an array of calorimetric low temperature detectors for heavy ion physics
    oral Leman, Steven Phonon-Mediated Distributed Transition-Edge-Sensor X-ray Detectors for Surveys of Galaxy Clusters and the Warm-Hot Interstellar Medium
    oral Myers, Michael Antenna-coupled Bolometer Arrays using Transition Edge Sensors
    oral Orlando, Angiola A waveguide-coupled millimetre-wave TES bolometer suitable for 2-D arrays
    oral Porter, F. Scott High Energy x-ray and gamma-ray detectors using Silicon microcalorimeters and a precise measurement of a metastable nuclear state in the decay of 233-U
    oral Schmidt, D. R. A superconductor-insulator-normal metal bolometer with microwave readout suitable for large-format arrays
    oral Silver, Eric Advances in NTD Germanium-Based Microcalorimeters For Soft and Hard X-Ray Spectroscopy
    oral Wicht, Pascal Improvement of phase transition boundary with cylindrical tin arrays
    oral Zen, Nobuyuki Development of pixellated Ir-TESs
    poster Baselmans, Jochem Development of high-Q superconducting resonators for use as Kinetic Inductance sensing elements
    poster Bay, Thomas Current progress of the optical imaging TES detector array.
    poster Bruijn, Marcel Progress in fabrication of micro-calorimeter arrays: X-ray absorbers and high density stripline wiring
    poster Camus, Philippe Fabrication of large NbSi bolometer arrays for CMB applications
    poster Chen, Yiner Fabrication of large array of superconducting-tunnel-junction detectors for mass spectrometry
    poster Eguchi, Hiroshi Properties of Vapor-Deposited Er:Au Films for Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters
    poster Fleischmann, Andreas Numerical study of the signal to noise ratio of MMCs with meander shaped pickup coil
    poster Friedrich, Stephan Design of a $8\times14$ Pixel Ta-based Superconducting Tunnel Junction X-ray Detector Array
    poster Galeazzi, Massimiliano Integrated microcalorimeters using Ir TES and Sn mushroom absorbers
    poster Galeazzi, Massimiliano Intrinsic noise sources in superconductors near the transition temperature
    poster Gastaldo, Loredana Using the Gamma phase hcp AlAg compound for TES construction
    poster Hoshino, Akio Evaluation of the IR-UV blocking filters for ADR with a TES microcalorimeter
    poster Hsieh, Wen-Ting Progress in Magnetic Calorimeter Array Development
    poster Jerjen, Iwan Distributed Readout Detectors Using Superconducting Tunnel Junctions
    poster Jorel, Corentin Fabrication and characterization of single photon detector made of ultra-thin NbN film
    poster Kenyon, Matt Background-limited membrane-isolated TES bolometers for far-IR/submillimeter direct-detection spectroscopy
    poster Kim, Seung Cheon Development of the low temperature calorimeter with a Diamond Absorber
    poster Kunieda, Yuichi Characterization of Ir/Au pixel TES
    poster Kurakado, Masahiko Detection of radiations with superconducting series-junction detectors
    poster Lam, Simon Kwai-Hung Fabrication of Ta/Ta-oxide/Ta Trilayer Tunnel Junctions
    poster LeDuc, Henry Fabrication of Antenna Coupled Transition Edge Sensors for Polarimeter Applications
    poster Lefranc, Sebastien Superconducting NbSi thermometers: noise and performance for use in a TES device operated at 300mK.
    poster Leoni, Roberto Advanced Superconducting Single Photon Detector
    poster Maehata, Keisuke Development of dielectric microcalorimeter by using 0.99SrTiO$_3$-0.01SrTa$_2$O$_6$ materials
    poster Marriage, Tobias A Testing and Assembly of the Millimeter Bolometer Array Camera
    poster Matsuo, Hiroshi Superconducting Imaging Submillimeter-wave Camera (SISCAM) for Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment
    poster Miller, Timothy Fabricating Interlocking Support Walls, with an Adjustable Back-Short, in a TES Bolometer Array for Far-Infrared Astronomy
    poster Morita, Umeyo Evaluation of 256 pixel TES microcalorimeter arrays with electrodeposited Bi absorbers
    poster Navick, Xavier-Francois 23 Ionization Heat detectors for the Dark Matter search with Edelweiss-2
    poster Ohno, Masashi Development of low energy particle detector using superconducting transition edge sensor
    poster Porter, F. Scott The development of high resolution silicon x-ray microcalorimeters
    poster Repetto, Pietro Pulsed Laser Deposition of Ir TES: status and performance.
    poster Rocks, Lindsay Thin Absorbers for Large-Area Soft X-ray Microcalorimeters
    poster Saab, Tarek Determination of Lateral Diffusivity in Single Pixel X-ray Absorbers with Implications for Position Dependent Excess Broadening
    poster Sadleir, John Bismuth X-ray Absorber Studies for TES Microcalorimeters
    poster Sato, Hirotaka Formation of 256 pixels of X-ray microcalorimeters applying three-dimensional electrodeposition process for arrayed X-ray absorbers
    poster Shitov, Sergey V. A Concept of Imaging Radiometer with Antenna-Coupled Transition-Edge Sensors
    poster Smith, Stephen Experimental Characterisation of TES based DROIDs
    poster Staguhn, Johannes Characterization of TES Bolometers used in 2-Dimensional Backshort-Under-Grid (BUG) Arrays for Far-Infrared Astronomy
    poster Terracol, Stephane Noise Analysis of Transition-Edge Sensor X-ray Microcalorimeters with Different Material Composition
    poster Vystavkin, Alexander Application of the Planck radiation source for characteristics measurement of submillimeter low temperature direct detectors
    poster Yoshino, Tomotaka Properties of vacuum-evaporated bismuth absorber
    poster Yun, Minhee Fabrication of Superconducting Transition Edge Sensor Based on Mo and Au bilayers

  • Signal read-out and processing
    oral Beyer, Joern Highly-sensitive and robust SQUID current sensors for low-temperature detector readout
    oral Doriese, W. Bertrand (Randy) Toward kilopixel arrays: 3.8 eV X-ray microcalorimeter resolution in eight-channel SQUID multiplexer
    oral Furlan, Miha New frequency modulation readout based on relaxation oscillations
    oral Henry, Samuel Multichannel SQUID systems for particle physics experiments
    oral Irwin, Kent D. Microwave SQUID Multiplexer
    oral Lanting, Trevor Frequency-domain multiplexed readout of transition-edge sensor arrays with a superconducting quantum interference device
    oral Mazin, Benjamin A. Digital Readouts for Large Microwave Low Temperature Detector Arrays
    oral Yamasaki, Noriko Y. Design of Frequency Domain Multiplexing of TES Signals by Multi-input SQUID
    poster Bandler, Simon Non-Linear Effects in Transition Edge Sensors used for X-ray Detection
    poster Marnieros, S. Read-out electronics for the EDELWEISS Ge/NbSi thin film sensor detectors
    poster Masui, Kensuke Frequency-domain multiplex with eight-input SQUID and readout electronics over 1~MHz
    poster Nagata, Hirohisa Cryogenic Readout Integrated Circuits for Submillimeter-wave Camera
    poster Oshima, Tai Development of a low temperature SQUID gradiometer for magnetic microcalorimeter
    poster Pirro, Stefano The cold preamplifier stage of CUORICINO: towards 1000 channels.
    poster Smith, Stephen Signal Processing for Distributed Read-Out using TESs
    poster Yates, Stephen The use of HEMTs in multiplexing large arrays of high impedance LTDs
    poster Zakosarenko, Viatcheslav Time domain multiplexing for superconducting bolometers read out by integrated SQUIDs
    poster van der Kuur, Jan Frequency domain multiplexing development for high count rate microcalorimeters

  • Cryogenics for LTD
    oral Fujimoto, Ryuichi Neon Dewar for the X-ray Spectrometer onboard Astro-E2 satellite
    oral Kushino, Akihiro Cryogen-free cryostat for large-scale arrays of superconducting tunnel junction ion detectors in time-of-flight mass spectrometry
    oral Shirron, Peter A Continuously Operating Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator for Cooling to 10 mK and Below
    oral Silverberg, Robert Integrated Electron-tunneling Refrigerator and TES Bolometer for Millimeter Wave Astronomy
    poster Benford, Dominic Design and Performance of a 50mK Rapid Turnaround Detector Characterization System
    poster Furlan, Miha Self-cooling cryogenic microcalorimeters made of SINIS junctions
    poster Maasilta, Ilari Electron-phonon interaction in thin Aluminum-Manganese films
    poster Martin, Didier Pulse-tube Refrigerators for Superconducting Tunnel Junction Arrays
    poster Miller, Nathan A practical electron-tunneling refrigerator: cooling of low-temperature detectors and bulk material
    poster Pirro, Stefano Further developments in mechanical decoupling of larger thermal detectors
    poster Sarkar, Swapan Chandra Influences of Regenerator Thermal Efficiencies in Reverse Stirling Cycle Based Cryogenerator
    poster Schwamm, Frank Recent validation tests of the EDELWEISS II detector holders
    poster Shinozaki, Keisuke Demonstration of the improved PID method for the accurate temperature control of ADRs
    poster Shirron, Peter The Astro-E2/XRS-2 Helium Insert System
    poster Yeager, Joe Advanced Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerators Integrated Temperature Control System

  • The research for dark matter
    oral Broniatowski, Alexandre Cryogenic germanium detectors for dark matter research: surface events rejection by charge measurements
    oral Censier, Benjamin Final results of the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search with cryogenic heat-and-ionization Ge detectors
    oral Filippini, Jeffrey Limits on WIMP-Nucleon Interactions from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search at the Soudan Underground Lab
    oral Ogawa, Hiroshi The current status of XMASS experiment
    oral Ogburn, R. Walter Characterization, performance, and future advanced analysis of detectors in the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS-II)
    oral Petricca, Federica CRESST: First results with the phonon light technique
    oral Westphal, Wolfgang Detector Calibration Measurements in the CRESST experiment
    oral Winkelmann, Clemens ULTIMA: a detector prototype for Dark Matter search using superfluid Helium-3
    poster Brink, Paul The SuperCDMS proposal for Dark Matter Detection
    poster Broniatowski, Alexandre Computer modelling of ionisation signals in cryogenic Ge detectors: physical basis and code structure
    poster Broniatowski, Alexandre Polarisation effects and space-charge build-up in cryogenic Ge detectors for Dark Matter search
    poster Coppi, Chiara Quenching Factor Measurement for CaWO$_4$ by Neutron Scattering
    poster Daal, Miguel Ionization Collection in Regions of Distorted Electric Field in the CDMS ZIP Detector
    poster Isaila, Christian Scintillation light detectors with Neganov-Luke amplification
    poster Juillard, Alexandre Ge/NbSi detectors for EDELWEISS-II : Identification of surface events using athermal phonon measurement with NbSi thin film thermometers
    poster Mirabolfathi, Nader Detector commissioning for the CDMSII final run at the Soudan deep underground laboratory
    poster Pyle, Matt Increasing the discriminatory ability of CDMS detectors

  • Neutrino physics
    oral Nones, Claudia A new method for background rejection with surface sensitive bolometers
    oral Nucciotti, Angelo The New Rhenium Experiment: a next-generation calorimetric neutrino mass experiment with thermal detectors.
    oral Pegolesi, Daniele MANU-2: a second generation experiment for calorimentric neutrino mass determination with superconducting Re
    oral Pirro, Stefano Further developments in the CUORICINO Experiment
    poster Broniatowski, Alexandre Germanium cryogenic detectors: alpha surface events rejection capabilities
    poster Capozzi, Francesca Comparison between implanted Si and NTD-Ge thermistors performance in AgReO$_4$ microcalorimeter arrays for a new neutrino mass experiment.
    poster Monfardini, Alessandro Study of systematic uncertainty sources in neutrino mass experiments with AgReO$_4$ microcalorimeters
    poster Pirro, Stefano Development of bolometric light detectors for Double Beta Decay Searches

  • Astronomy from microwave to gamma-rays
    oral Gatti, Flavio TES microcalorimeter development for future Italian X-ray astronomy missions
    oral Hunt, Cynthia L. Results from the SCUBA-2 850~$\mu$m prototype sub-array
    oral Kuo, Chao-Lin Antenna Coupled TES Bolometers for SPIDER
    oral Staguhn, Johannes First Astronomical Images Obtained with an Array of Multiplexed Superconducting Bolometers
    oral Stevenson, Thomas Building blocks for a polarimeter-on-a-chip
    poster Brown, Greg Laboratory astrophysics and atomic physics using the NASA/GSFC microcalorimeter spectrometers at the LLNL Electron Beam Ion Trap and Radiation Properties Facility
    poster Cottam, Jean Ground Calibration of the XRS Microcalorimeter Instrument
    poster Kilbourne, Caroline A. Analysis of the XRS background
    poster Martinez-Galarce, Dennis Predicted Soft X-ray Observations of a Solar Active Region in the 300-2000 eV range using the Advanced Technology Solar Spectroscopic Imager
    poster Ota, Naomi Performance verification of the Astro-E2 X-ray spectrometer in the flight configuration
    poster Shiki, Shigetomo Astronomical Observation using Nb-STJ detector
    poster Stern, Robert Progress in X-ray Microcalorimeter Research at LMSAL
    poster Yvon, Dominique F.M. A millisecond-risetime sub-millimeter light source for lab tests and in flight bolometer calibration.

  • X-ray material analysis
    oral Isaila, Christian X-ray microanalysis with microcalorimeters
    oral Tanaka, Keiichi Transition Edge Sensor- Energy dispersive spectrometer (TES-EDS) using cryogen free dilution refrigerator for a material analysis
    poster Drury, Owen The Advantages of Soft X-rays and of Cryogenic Spectrometers for Synchrotron-Based Chemical Speciation Measurements on Dilute Samples
    poster Friedrich, Stephan Analysis of Nitrogen Dopants in Zinc Oxide by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
    poster Hoehne, Jens Development of a high-resolution cryogen-free X-ray spectrometer based on superconducting tunnel junctions
    poster Ohkubo, Masataka X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of High-k Gate Dielectric Insulating Layers for Next-Generation Semiconductor Devices by Superconducting Detectors
    poster Perinati, Emanuele Preliminary results of X-ray detection using a microcalorimeter with Pb-Bi absorber
    poster Perinati, Emanuele High-Z superconducting films as X-ray absorbers for arrays of microcalorimeters

  • Analysis in the life sciences
    oral Friedrich, Stephan A 36-channel Superconducting Tunnel Junction X-ray Spectrometer for Environmental Metal Speciation
    oral Ohkubo, Masataka Fragmentation Analysis of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization (MALDI) Process in a Mass Range from Peptides to Macromolecules by Superconducting Ion Detectors
    oral Smith, Stephen Optical Fluorescence of Biological Samples using STJs

  • Novel industrial and laboratory applications
    oral Chen, Jian A compact terahertz spectrum analyzer using HTS Josephson junctions
    oral Egelhof, Peter Calorimetric Low Temperature Detectors for Lamb shift Measurements on Hydrogen-like Heavy Ions
    oral Hau, Ionel Dragos Neutron absorption spectroscopy for identification of light elements in actinides
    oral Ligi, Carlo Particle acoustic detection in gravitational wave aluminum resonant antennas
    oral Matsuo, Hiroshi Future prospect of superconducting detectors in terahertz frequencies
    oral Nam, Sae Woo High efficiency optical transition-edge sensors for quantum information science
    oral Shinozaki, Keisuke First application of a TES microcalorimeter to a thermonuclear fusion plasma experiment
    oral Stodolsky, Leo Study of Fracture Processes with a Cryogenic Detector
    oral Taino, Tohru THz waves Detection using Superconducting Tunnel Junction
    oral Taralli, Emanuele Improvement of titanium film absorption by antireflection coatings
    poster Andrianov, Victor Nonmagnetic X-Ray Fe-55 Source
    poster Friedrich, Stephan Design of a Bolometer for Total Energy Measurement of the Linear Coherent Light Source X-ray Laser
    poster Fukuda, Daiji Highly accurate Radiometer with Superconducting thermometers for laser power measurement
    poster Gevorgyan, Samvel A Radically New Principle of Operation Seismic Detector of Nano-scale Vibrations
    poster Loidl, Martin Nuclear and atomic data determination with metallic magnetic calorimeters
    poster Miki, Shigehito Superconducting characteristics of MgB$_2$ neutron detector fabricated on SiN membrane
    poster Nakamura, Tatsuya Development of neutron imaging detector with pulse height correlation between two superconducting tunnel junctions on Li$_2$B$_4$O$_7$ crystal

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