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We welcome exhibitors for equipment or other materials. In LTD-11, we have a special session entitled "New detectors spawn new fields", in which Nobel laureate, professor Masatoshi Koshiba gives us a message of the importance of new instruments and sciences, based on the well-known KAMIOKANDE experiments. The workshop attention is devoted to superconductivity, microfabrication technique, cryogenics, signal processing, as well as physical topics in such scientific fields as dark matter search, astronomy, X-ray material analysis, mass spectroscopy, etc. In particular, the Japanese X-ray satellite, Astro-E2, equipped with cryogenic X-ray detectors will be launched just before the workshop, and is one of the main workshop topics. The number of participants was about 250 at the last workshop, LTD-10 held at Genoa, Italy. Therefore, those who have potential technologies for the above fields will surely have the opportunity to make new customers.

At first, please contact the workshop secretariat, and then register in the registration page. Please be sure that a fee of 100,000 yen for exhibitors is selected. (Registration page is ready on April 26.)

In the exhibitor's registration, the following are included:
  1. One general entry, including scientific sessions, a social banquet, and other social events.
  2. One A4 monochrome advertisement page (PDF file or camera-ready manuscript requested) in the abstract booklet, which is distributed to all participants. Please send it to the following address by e-mail or mail, by June 1 2005.
  3. A space for exhibition with an area of about 9 square-meters, 100V power supply, and no cooling water, and surrounded by panels with a height of 180 cm, if you would like to do so.

Contact address for the advertisement page

Dr. Yoshitaka ISHISAKI
Department of physics, Tokyo Metropolitan University
1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0397, Japan

Photo of Takeda Building

Exhibition area in Takeda Building Takeda Building

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