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First, please look at the following two maps. They will give you the minimum information you need to reach your hotel and the conference site.

Narita Airport and General Ways to Central Tokyo

Narita airport (New Tokyo International airport) is about 70 km from central Tokyo. You will arrive at one of the two terminals depending on your airline company.

From both terminals, there are direct trains and buses bound for central Tokyo. It takes about 60-90 minutes. Here, we show three typical ways from Narita airport to central Tokyo.

(1) Take Keisei Railways Skyliner express and go to Ueno station. It costs about 2000 yen. There are also limited express trains without seat reservation, which costs about 1000 yen, but we recommend to use Skyliner since it is much more comfortable and worth extra charge.

(2) Take JR (Japan Railway Company) Narita Express and go to Tokyo station. It costs about 3000 yen.

(3) Take Airport Limousine bus and go to Tokyo station (or other places). It costs about 3000 yen.

Tokyo station is the main station in Tokyo and located near the Imperial Palace and government offices, while Ueno station is located in the downtown area, and is slightly closer to the conference site.

From Narita Airport to Official Hotels

Here we show you the easiest way to each hotel.

(1) For those who stay at Tokyo Dome Hotel and Suidobashi Grand Hotel (Japanese page): There are direct Airport Limousine buses to Tokyo Dome Hotel. Suidobashi Grand Hotel is located close to Tokyo Dome Hotel. Therefore, using the Limousine Bus is the easiest. If you miss the direct bus, go to Tokyo or Ueno station and take a taxi.

(2) For those who stay at Tokyo Yayoi Kaikan (Japanese page): It is the easiest to use Skyliner express of Keisei railway and go to Keisei Ueno station. Tokyo Yayoi Kaikan is located at the other side of the Ueno park. Take a taxi, or walk through the park (about 12 minutes) to Tokyo Yayoi Kaikan.

(3) For those who stay at Forest Hongo: Go to either (a) Tokyo station by JR Narita express or Airport Limousine bus, (b) Ueno station by Keisei Skyliner, or (c) Tokyo Dome Hotel by Limousine bus. Then, take a taxi. If you prefer not to use a taxi, go to Tokyo station, take Metro Marunouchi-line from Tokyo (M17) to Hongo-sanchome (M21), and walk.

Note: M17 and M21 are the symbols assigned to eash subway station and are used in the subway route map.

From Official Hotels to Conference Site

The workshop is held at the Takeda Hall of the Tokyo University. If you stay at Forest Hongo or Tokyo Yayoi Kaikan, just walk to the conference site. If you stay at Tokyo Dome Hotel or Suidobashi Grand Hotel, you can still walk (about 30 minutes), but taking Metro Namboku-line from Korakuen station (N11) to Todaimae station (N12) will make your trip easier, as shown in the access map. Note: N11 and N12 are the symbols assigned to eash subway station and are used in the subway route map.

General Information

In Tokyo, subway stretches like a spider web, and you can go almost everywhere by subway. There are two subway companies, Tokyo Metro and Toei, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Subway. But you can use them seamlessly. In addition, JR Yamanote Loop line and Chuo line connect major terminals such as Tokyo, Ueno, Shinjunk, Shibuya.

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