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Feb 12 (Tue) : Geant4 Seminar
10:10-12:00Introduction to Geant4 I M.Asai(SLAC) & T.Koi (SLAC) PDF1, PDF2
13:15-14:15Introduction to Geant4 IIK.Murakami(KEK) & A.Kimura(AIT) PDF1, PDF2
14:15-15:15Geant4 in SpacePetteri Nieminen(ESA) PDF
15:30-16:15Geant4 Medical Applications and Ion PhysicsToshiyuki Toshito(JST) PDF
16:15-17:00History of Geant4Katsuya Amako(KEK) PDF
17:00-17:30Geant4 Go! DVDG.Iwai & K.Murakami(KEK) PDF
* Presentation material will be prepared in English, while some talks will be in Japanese.

Feb. 13th (Wed)
Morning session 1 : Overview
Chair: T.Takahashi (ISAS/JAXA)
10:00-10:10Opening addressAkio Yamamoto (JAXA/IAT)
10:10-10:40Geant4 in JAXAMasanobu Ozaki (JAXA/ISAS) PDF
10:40-11:00Coffee break
Morning session 2 : Overview
Chair: R. Reed (Vanderbilt)
11:00-11:30Geant4 in ESAPetteri Nieminen (ESA/ESTEC) PDF
11:30-12:00Geant4 in NASA - 1Insoo Jun (NASA/JPL) PDF
12:00-12:30Geant4 in NASA - 2Robert A. Weller (Vanderbilt) PDF
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Afternoon session 1 : G4-based tools in space
Chair: P. Nieminen (ESA/ESTEC)
14:00-14:30Space radiation environmentsDaniel Heynderickx (DH Consultancy) PDF
14:30-15:00RADSAFE / MREDRobert Reed (Vanderbilt) PDF
14:00-15:30MULASSIS / GRASGiovanni Santin (ESA/ESTEC) PDF1, PDF2
15:30-15:50Coffee break
Afternoon session 2 : G4-based tools in space & user talks
Chair: M. Ozaki (JAXA/ISAS)
15:50-16:20PLANETOCOSMICSLaurent Desorgher (Bern Univ.) PDF
16:20-16:50Mars environment simulations for traces of life detectionAurelie Le Postollec (LAB/CENBG) PDF
16:50-17:10A toolkit for data-driven computing in Geant4Marcus H. Mendenhall (Vanderbilt) PDF
17:10-17:30EPT configuration and GEANT4 simulation toolsJuan Cabrera (Center for Space Radiations) PDF
17:30-17:50Effects of Neutrons on HXD-PIN Background onboard SuzakuTakao Kitaguchi (University of Tokyo) PDF

Feb. 14th (Thu)
Morning session 1 : Ion-ion physics
Chair: T. Koi (SLAC)
09:30-10:00Intro on heavy ion (cosmic ray) physics requirements for the various space applicationsTakeshi Takashima (JAXA/ISAS) PDF
10:00-10:30Status of ion-ion physics in Geant4Dennis Wright (SLAC) PDF
10:30-10:50Coffee break & registration
Morning session 2 : Ion-ion physics
Chair: D. Wright (SLAC)
10:50-11:20New native QMD code in Geant4Tatsumi Koi (SLAC) PDF
11:20-11:50External MC code (PHITS)Koji Niita (RIST) PDF
11:50-12:00Comments on JQMD/PHITS interface to G4Tatsumi Koi (SLAC) PDF
12:00-12:30Discussion on collaborative physics validation efforts
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Afternoon session 1 : G4-based tools in space
Chair: S. Kang (NASA/JPL)
14:00-14:30INTA radiation effects and analysis toolsSergio Esteve Hoyos (INTA) PDF
14:30-15:00ACTtools and G4LECSMarc Kippen (LANL) PDF
14:00-15:30Simulating Space Radiation Environments and the Resulting Detector Activation with Geant4Andreas Zoglauer (SSL/UCB) PDF
15:30-15:50Coffee break
Afternoon session 2 : G4-based tools in space & user talks
Chair: M. Kokubun (JAXA/ISAS)
15:50-16:20The X-ray simulators for Suzaku/NeXTShin Watanabe (JAXA/ISAS) PDF
16:20-16:40Calculation of Radiation Exposure on the Moon Surface by Using PHITSTatsuto Komiyama (JAXA/IAT) PDF
16:40-17:00Simulation study of a CdTe detectors for astrophysics with Geant4Jose M. Alvarez Pastor (ICE-CSIC) PDF
17:00-17:20The simulation of the Electron Tracking Compton Camera using a gaseous time projection chamber and a scintillatorAtsushi Takada (Kyoto University) PDF

Feb. 15th (Fri)
Morning session 1 : Geant4 updates
Chair: K. Murakami (KEK)
09:30-10:00Geant4 updates in kernelMakoto Asai (SLAC) PDF
10:00-10:30Geant4 updates in geometryGabriele Cosmo (CERN) PDF
10:30-10:50Coffee break & registration
Morning session 2 : Geant4 updates
Chair: G. Cosmo (CERN)
10:50-11:20Geant4 updates in EM physicsSebastien Incerti (IN2P3/CENBG) PDF
11:20-11:50Geant4 updates in hadronic physicsDennis Wright (SLAC) PDF
11:50-12:20Geant4 updates in GUI / VISKoichi Murakami (KEK) PDF
12:20-14:00Lunch break
Afternoon session 1 : user talks
Chair: G. Santin (ESA/ESTEC)
14:00-14:20Simulations of an Energetic Particle Instrument for JupiterDennis K. Haggerty (JHUAPL) PDF
14:20-14:40Monte Carlo simulations of the Galileo heavy ion counterShawn Kang (NASA/JPL)
14:40-15:00Space System Analysis Using CAD/STEP GeometriesThomas M. Jordan (Experimental and Mathematical Physics Consultants) PDF
15:00-15:20Improvements of Geant4 in Line Gamma-Ray Production for the Lunar and Planetary ApplicationsNaoyuki Yamashita (Waseda University) PDF
15:20-15:40Coffee break
Afternoon session 2 : user talks & Geant4 Technical Forum
Chair: M. Asai (SLAC)
15:40-16:00Search of Water Ice in the Lunar Polar RegionsKazuya Iwabuchi (Waseda University) PDF
16:00-16:20The estimation of spatial resolution of the lunar Gamma-Ray Spectrometer aboard SELENE (KAGUYA) by Geant4Shingo Kobayashi (Waseda Univ.) PDF
16:20-16:40Implementation of the SIXS sensor unit of the BepiColombo mission - using 3D CAD model conversion to GDML in GEANT4Francisco Garcia (Helsinki Institute of Physics) PDF
16:40-17:20Geant4 Technical Forum
17:20-17:30Closing remarksPetteri Nieminen (ESA/ESTEC)

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