Trigger No.

The number triggered by the WAM after the Suzaku launch.


The GRB name e.x. GRB030329


The GRB triggered date YYYY-MM-DD. Given by UTC.

Trigger Time UTC

The GRB triggered time HH:MM:SS. Given by UTC.


The triggered detector boards. WAM 0,1,2 and 3.

Incident angle

Incident angle (theta and phi) of the GRB to the WAM.
The theta is measured from optical axis of the HXD,
while the phi is defined counterclockwise from the X-axis
of the satellite as shown in the figures below.

Duration T90

The duration of the GRB. T50 and T90 is calculated using the WAM light curve in 50-5000 keV.


The WAM energy fluence. In unit of erg/cm2.
The integrated energy range is defined by the source intensity.

Light Curves

The light curve data for each detector (WAM 0,1,2 and 3) and for each energy range
(TH 0,1,2, and 3) is available in GIF, ASCII, and FITS format.
No dead time correction is not made.
The ASCII data format is given by time and counting rate in order.


The spectral data for each detector is also available in GIF, ASCII, and FITS format.
These spectra are obtained by time-averaging over the duration T90.

Download Data

GIF, FITS and ASCII format of light curves and spectra.

GCN Circulars

The GCN Notice list related with the WAM.

Other Triggers

Event detected simultaneously with other GRB missions such as Swift, HETE2, Konus-Wind, and INTEGRAL.