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Suzaku Software V1.2

Suzaku software v 1.2. Includes new tasks, changes and bug fixes :

General  tools
aeaspect :
  - Add new parameters, 'date_obs' and 'date_end', to specify the start/end
    of the observation in the calculation of the mean satellite Euler angles.
  - Add new parameter 'update_date' to propagate DATE_OBS/END keywords.
  - Support CALDB for 'leapfile', '*_teldef' parameters.

aebarycen :
  - New task. Apply Barycenter correction for Suzaku EVENT and/or HK files.

aecoordcalc :
  - Support CALDB for 'leapfile', '*_teldef' parameters.

aemkehk :
  - Support CALDB for 'leapfile', 'teldef' parameters.

aemkreg :
  - New task. Generate a ds9 format region file for given satellite
    Euler angles.  Rough XIS and HXD field of views are drawn by default.

aetimecalc :
  - Support CALDB for 'leapfile' parameter.

HXD specific tools

hxdmkgainhist :
  - Change. The dummy_256ch.rsp is not longer used in fittings
  - Add parameters for fittings the GSO data
  - Add flag to delete or not temporary files 
  - Change in the perl script hxdmkgainhist_gso
  - Change. Implement dynamic memory.
hxdgtigen :
  - New task, Provides GTI to avoid telemetry saturation

hxddtcor :
  - New task, Perform dead time correction to PHA file(s)

hxdmkbstlc :
  - New task, Make light curve(s) of HXD-BURST event.

hxdmkwamlc :
  - New task, Make light curve(s) of HXD-WAM event.

hxdmkwamspec :
  - New task, Make spectra of HXD-WAM event.

hxdtime :
  - Change. Implement dynamic memory

hxdpi :
  - Include current calibration of energy scale of GSO and PIN
  - Set null value in PI_PIN for PIN Upper discriminated events 
  - Change function in reading gain history files
  - Bug fix. Values in the PI_SLOW and PI_FAST previously set to 
    'INDEF' are now set to 0.0.
  - Change. Implement dynamic memory.

  - Portability related changes.

hxdmkwamgainhist : 
  - Change the output file format  

hxdgrade :
  - Change criteria of the multiplicity of GRADE
  - Parameterize the criteria of PSD selection
  - Change. Implement dynamic memory.

hxdbsttime :
  - Delete minor warnings
  - Bug fixed in reading leapsec FITS

hxdarfgen : 
  - Bug fix in the parameter query.


*** NOTE:

  - hxdmkgainhist and hxdmkwamlc are not currently supported for
    OSF/Alpha platform.

  - hxdmkwamlc has a known bug on Solaris platforms, e.g. some of the
    rates are incorrect.

XIS specific tools

xisputpixelquality :
  - Bug fix in calculation of the 'STATUS' column of event files.
    Some pixels had been incorrectly calculated as
    e.g. STATUS=65536+16+16=65568, which is now 65536+16=65552.

xisucode :
  - Updates. Calculate the appropriate value for header keyword TIMEDEL.

xistime :
  - Fix bugs on the time calculation of the EXPTIME and TIME column.    
    However, the absolute timing is still not calibrated well.
    Note : For burst mode, the GTI do not account for the dead time 

xispi : 
   - Portability-related changes.

xiscoord : 
   - Portability-related changes.

xissimarfgen :
  - New task. Calculate the ARF by the XRT ray-tracing simulation.

xissim :
  - New task. Generate a simulated XIS event file for input photon file(s)
    made by the mkphlist task, by the XRT ray-tracing and the XIS RMF.

xiscontamicalc :
  - New task. Calculate the carbon column density and transmission of
    the XIS OBF contaminant at specified time, detector position, and energy.

Note: The XIS software have been changed to use 'GTI' as name for the good
time intervals rather than 'STDGTI'.

ISAS/JAXA Department of High Energy Astrophysics

Last Modified: Saturday, 21-Oct-2006 17:51:43 JST