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Suzaku data are distributed as OGIP-standard FITS files, with calibration already applied (i.e., event files include sky coordinates and PI channels). Software necessary to apply calibration to the event data are called "critical FTOOLS" and are available via the HEAsoft package. Calibration files used by the critical FTOOLS are available via the HEASARC CALDB structure, which can be installed on the users' local machines or accessed remotely. As calibration improves, users will have the option of applying updated calibration files themselves, or download the data again at a later date when they have been reprocessed.

Processing Version

Last Updated on 2009 February 19

Released 2009-02-19
Mk1stfitsver mk1stfits20080416
Softver Hea_18Sep2008_V6.5.1_Suzaku_30Oct2008_V11
CALDBVER hxd20090109_xis20090109_xrt20080709_xrs20060410
Changes changes

Old versions are summarized in the history page.

Notes on v2.2.11.22

The Suzaku software in Headas is updated from version 8 to 10. This includes minor bug fixes. The new HXD calibration files include an updated energy threshold, and a new epoch 5 started from 2008-09-01.

Notes on v2.2.7.18

The Suzaku software in Headas is updated from version 6 to 7. This includes the critical bug fix of hxdpi. The new XIS calibration files include an updated energy resolution calibration for SCI-on data.

Notes on v2.1.6.16

The new XIS calibration files include an updated energy scale calibration for SCI-on data.

Notes on v2.1.6.14

The HXD calibration files in use since v2.1.6.14 include an adjustment of the low energy threshold for the PIN, following the onset of the PIN flare event on 2007 July 28.

Notes for v2.X data

In this version, in addition to the newly observed sequences after 2007 June, all the previously processed (v1.x) sequences consisting of SWG, AO-1, and AO-2 will be reprocessed. If the sequence is proprietary, the PI will receive an announcement when the new data set is ready. No message for public sequences, including many of SWG and AO-1 observations whose proprietary period ended, will be sent out.

Current calibration uncertainties are described in the "calibration status and caveats".
Major changes in v2.0 are as follows:

Data and calibration files

Data screening criteria

Calibration status and caveats

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