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  1. A new X-ray bound on primordial black holes density
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Alexander Kusenko, arXiv:1705.00791, accepted for publicatoin in JCAP
  2. Evidence for higher black hole spin in radio-loud quasars
    Andreas Schulze, Chris Done, Youjun Lu, Fupeng Zhang, Yoshiyuki Inoue, arXiv:1710.01440, accepted for publication in ApJ
  3. Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
    The Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium, Y. Inoue (238/574), et al., arXiv:1709.07997
  4. Hitomi X-ray studies of Giant Radio Pulses from the Crab pulsar
    Hitomi Collaboration, Y. Inoue (57/203), et al., arXiv:1707.08801, PASJ in press
  5. Search for Thermal X-ray Features from the Crab nebula with Hitomi Soft X-ray Spectrometer
    Hitomi Collaboration, Y. Inoue (57/194), et al., arXiv:1707.00054, PASJ in press


First Author Papers

  1. Disk-Jet Connection in Active Supermassive Black Holes in the Standard Accretion Disk Regime
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Akihiro Doi, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Marek Sikora, Grzegorz M. Madejski, 2017 ApJ, 840, 46
  2. High Energy Gamma Rays from Nebulae Associated with Extragalactic Microquasars and Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Shiu-Hang Lee, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Shogo B. Kobayashi, 2017 Astroparticle Physics, 90, 14
  3. Baryon Loading Efficiency and Particle Acceleration Efficiency of Relativistic Jets: Cases For Low Luminosity BL Lacs
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, 2016 ApJ, 828, 13
  4. Binary Black Hole Merger Rates Inferred from Luminosity Function of Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Naoki Isobe, 2016 MNRAS, 461, 4329
  5. Lower Bound on the Cosmic TeV Gamma-ray Background Radiation
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, 2016 ApJ, 818, 187
  6. Prospect for Future MeV Gamma-ray Active Galactic Nuclei Population Studies
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Hirokazu Odaka, Atsushi Takada, Yuto Ichinohe, Shinya Saito, Shin'ichiro Takeda, Tadayuki Takahashi, 2015 PASJ, 67, 76
  7. Metal Enrichment in the Fermi Bubbles as a Probe of Their Origin
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Shinya Nakashima, Masaya Tahara, Jun Kataoka, Tomonori Totani, Yutaka Fujita, Yoshiaki Sofue, 2015 PASJ, 67, 56
  8. Unveiling the Nature of Coronae in Active Galactic Nuclei through Sub-mm Observations
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Akihiro Doi, 2014 PASJ, 66L, 8
  9. Upper Bound on the First Star Formation History
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Grzegorz M. Madejski, and Aleberto Dominguez, 2014 ApJ, 781, L35
  10. Prospects for future very high-energy gamma-ray sky survey: Impact of secondary gamma rays
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Oleg E. Kalashev, and Alexander Kusenko, 2014 Astroparticle Physics, 54, 118-124
  11. Probing the Cosmic X-ray and MeV Gamma-ray Background Radiation through the Anisotropy
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Kohta Murase, Grzegorz M. Madejski, and Yasunobu Uchiyama, 2013 ApJ, 776, 331
  12. Extragalactic Background Light from Hierarchical Galaxy Formation: Gamma-ray Attenuation up to the Epoch of Cosmic Reionization and the First Stars
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Susumu Inoue, Masakazu A. R. Kobayashi, Ryu Makiya, Yuu Niino, and Tomonori Totani, 2013 ApJ, 768, 197
  13. Upper limit on the cosmological gamma-ray background
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, and Kunihito Ioka, 2012 PRD, 86, 023003
  14. Contribution of the Gamma-ray Loud Radio Galaxies Core Emissions to the Cosmic MeV and GeV Gamma-Ray Background Radiation
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, 2011 ApJ, 733 66
  15. Searching for the most distant blazars with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Susumu Inoue, Tomonori Totani, Masakazu A. R. Kobayashi, Jun Kataoka, and Rie Sato, 2011 MNRAS, 411, 464
  16. High Energy Gamma-ray Absorption and Cascade Emission in Nearby Starburst Galaxies
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, 2011 ApJ, 728, 11
  17. Future Prospects for Very High Energy Blazar Survey by the Next Generation Cherenkov Telescopes
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Tomonori Totani, and Masaki Mori, 2010 PASJ, 62, 1005
  18. The Blazar Sequence and the Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Radiation in the Fermi Era
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, and Tomonori Totani, 2009 ApJ, 702, 523
  19. The Cosmic MeV Gamma-ray Background and Hard X-ray Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei: Implications for the Origin of Hot AGN Coronae
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, Tomonori Totani, and Yoshihiro Ueda, 2008 ApJ, 672 L5

Co-author Papers

  1. Cherenkov telescope array extragalactic survey discovery potential and the impact of axion-like particles and secondary gamma rays
    Andrea De Franco, Yoshiyuki Inoue, Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde, Garret Cotter2017 Astroparticle Physics, 93, 8
  2. High-frequency excess in the radio continuum spectrum of the type-1 Seyfert galaxy NGC 985
    Akihiro Doi, Yoshiyuki Inoue, 2016 PASJ, 68, 56
  3. A significant hardening and rising shape detected in the MeV/GeV νFν spectrum from the recently-discovered very-high-energy blazar S4 0954+65 during the bright optical flare in 2015 February
    Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Inoue (5/21), et al., 2016 PASJ, 68, 51
  4. Galactic-Center Hyper-Shell Model for the North Polar Spurs
    Y. Sofue, A. Habe, J. Kataoka, T. Totani, Y. Inoue, S. Nakashima, H. Matsui, M. Akita, 2016 MNRAS, 459, 108
  5. No Evidence of Intrinsic Optical/Near-Infrared Linear Polarization for V404 Cygni During its Bright Outburst in 2015: Broadband Modeling and Constraint on Jet Parameters
    Yasuyuki T. Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Inoue (4/42), et al., 2016 ApJ, 823, 35
  6. Global structure of isothermal X-ray emission along the Fermi bubbles
    J. Kataoka, M. Tahara, T. Totani, Y. Sofue, Y. Inoue, S. Nakashima, C. C. Cheung, 2015 ApJ, 807, 77
  7. Suzaku X-ray Observations of the Fermi Bubbles: Northernmost Cap and Southeast Claw Discovered with MAXI-SSC
    M. Tahara, J. Kataoka, Y. Takeuchi, T. Totani, Y. Sofue, J. S. Hiraga, H. Tsunemi, Y. Inoue, M. Kimura, C. C. Cheung, S. Nakashima, 2015 ApJ, 802, 91
  8. The Origin of the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background and Implications for Dark-Matter Annihilation
    M. Ajello, D. Gasparrini, M. Sanchez-Conde, G. Zaharijas, M. Gustafsson, J. Cohen-Tanugi, C. D. Dermer, Y. Inoue, D. Hartmann, M. Ackermann, K. Bechtol, A. Franckowiak, A. Reimer, R. W. Romani, A. W. Strong, 2015 ApJL, 800, 27
  9. Six Years of Fermi-LAT and Multi-wavelength Monitoring of the Broad-Line Radio Galaxy 3C 120: Jet Dissipation at Sub-parsec Scales from the Central Engine
    Y. T. Tanaka, A. Doi, Y. Inoue, C. C. Cheung, L. Stawarz, Y. Fukazawa, M. A. Gurwell, M. Tahara, J. Kataoka, R. Itoh, 2015 ApJL, 799, 18
  10. Variable optical polarization during high state in gamma-ray loud narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxy 1H 0323+342
    R. Itoh, Y. Inoue (6/37), et al., 2014 PASJ, 66, 108
  11. Photopion Production in Black-Hole Jets and Flat-Spectrum Radio Quasars as PeV Neutrino Sources
    C. Dermer, K. Murase, Y. Inoue, 2014 JHEAp, 3, 29
  12. Diffuse Neutrino Intensity from the Inner Jets of Active Galactic Nuclei: Impacts of External Photon Fields and the Blazar Sequence
    Kohta Murase, Yoshiyuki Inoue, Charles D. Dermer, 2014 PRD, 90, 3007
  13. Suzaku Observations of the Diffuse X-Ray Emission across the Fermi Bubbles' Edges
    Jun Kataoka, Yoshiyuki Inoue (12/13), et al., 2013 ApJ, 779, 57
  14. Fermi Large Area Telescope Detection of Two Very-High-Energy (E>100 GeV) Gamma-ray Photons from the z = 1.1 Blazar PKS 0426-380
    Y. T. Tanaka, C. C. Cheung, Y. Inoue, L. Stawarz, M. Ajello, C. D. Dermer, D. L. Wood, A. Chekhtman, Y. Fukazawa, T. Mizuno, M. Ohno, D. Paneque, D. J. Thompson, 2013 ApJ, 777, L181
  15. X-ray and Radio Follow-up Observations of High-Redshift Blazar Candidates in the Fermi-LAT Unassociated Source Population
    Y. Takahashi, J. Kataoka, K. Niinuma, M. Honma, Y. Inoue, T. Totani, T. Nakamori, K. Maeda, S. Inoue, 2013 ApJ, 773, 771
  16. Surveys with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
    Guillaume Dubus, Yoshiyuki Inoue (7/12), et al. (for the CTA consortium), 2013 Astroparticle Physics, 43, 317
  17. Gamma-Ray Burst Science in the Era of Cherenkov Telescope Array
    Susumu Inoue, Yoshiyuki Inoue (10/25), et al. (for the CTA consortium), 2013 Astroparticle Physics, 43, 252
  18. Potential of EBL and cosmology studies with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
    Daniel Mazin, Yoshiyuki Inoue (5/7), et al. (for the CTA consortium), 2013 Astroparticle Physics, 43, 241
  19. Active Galactic Nuclei under the scrutiny of CTA
    Helene Sol, Yoshiyuki Inoue (9/27), et al. (for the CTA consortium), 2013 Astroparticle Physics, 43, 215
  20. Revisiting the Cosmic Star Formation History: Caution to the Uncertainties in Dust Correction and Star Formation Rate Conversion
    Masakazu A. R. Kobayashi, Yoshiyuki Inoue, and Akio Inoue, 2013 ApJ 763, 3

Collaboration Papers

  1. Prospects for Cherenkov Telescope Array Observations of the Young Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7-3946
    F. Acero, Y. Inoue (151/382), et al., 2017 ApJ, 840, 74
  2. Hitomi constraints on the 3.5 keV line in the Perseus galaxy cluster
    The Hitomi Collaboration, 2017 ApJ, 837, L15
  3. The quiescent intracluster medium in the core of the Perseus cluster
    The Hitomi Collaboration, 2016 Nature, 535, 117
  4. High-energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Solar Flares: Summary of Fermi Large Area Telescope Detections and Analysis of Two M-class Flares
    M. Ackermann, Y. Inoue (67/147), et al., 2014 ApJ, 787, 15
  5. Inferred Cosmic-Ray Spectrum from Fermi Large Area Telescope Gamma-Ray Observations of Earth's Limb
    M. Ackermann, Y. Inoue (74/152), et al., 2014 PRL, 112, 151103
  6. Fermi-LAT Observations of the Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 130427A
    M. Ackermann, Y. Inoue (81/182), et al., 2014 Science, 343, 42-47
  7. The First Fermi-LAT Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog
    M. Ackermann, Y. Inoue (80/180), et al., 2013 ApJS, 209, 11
  8. Search for gamma-ray spectral lines with the Fermi Large Area Telescope and dark matter implications
    M. Ackermann, Y. Inoue (69/143), et al., 2013 PRD, 88, 20021
  9. Constraints on the Galactic Population of TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae Using Fermi Large Area Telescope Observations
    F. Acero, Y. Inoue (75/158), et al., 2013 ApJ, 773, 771
  10. The Fermi All-sky Variability Analysis: A List of Flaring Gamma-Ray Sources and the Search for Transients in Our Galaxy
    M. Ackermann, Y. Inoue (76/155), et al., 2013 ApJ, 771, 571
  11. Introducing the CTA concept
    B. S. Acharya, Y. Inoue (397/976), et al. (for the CTA consortium), 2013 Astroparticle Physics, 43, 3
  12. Design concepts for the Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA: an advanced facility for ground-based high-energy gamma-ray astronomy
    M. Actics, Y. Inoue (278/672), et al. (the CTA Consortium), 2011 Experimental Astronomy, 32 193

Observational Proposals

To be filled.


  1. 夜空は明るい!? - 近赤外線背景放射の謎をめぐって
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, ISAS news 2015年10月 No.415 宇宙科学の最前線
  2. 宇宙を満たすガンマ線背景放射の起源と残された謎
    Yoshiyuki Inoue, 日本物理学会誌 第70巻 第10号 解説
  3. 宇宙ガンマ線背景放射と活動銀河核種族の研究 - FermiからCTAへ
    井上芳幸 天文月報2012年8月号EUREKA記事
  4. Cherenkov Telescope Array 計画
    CTA-Japan Consortium 井上芳幸 執筆担当: 2.4章, 2.6章, 2.10章, 2.12.2章
  5. 宇宙MeVガンマ線背景放射と活動銀河核の硬X線スペクトル
    井上芳幸 天文月報2008年7月号EUREKA記事


  1. The Cosmic Gamma-ray Background and Active Galactic Nuclei in the Fermi Era, Master Thesis (Kyoto University)
  2. The Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background Radiation and the Cosmological Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei beyond the Fermi Era, Ph. D. Thesis (Kyoto University)