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Suzaku Generic TOO request form

2008-07-08 Suzaku team

******************Temporary Notice**************************
Due to the UVC event at 2012 January, Suzaku operation team temporary limit the Sun angle between 70 and 110 degrees. Please note that the targets whose Sun angle is between 65 and 70 degrees are not observed. This condition would be changed after analysis and tuning of operations.

As written in the announcement of opportunity, 4% of the Suzaku observation time is kept as the Director's Discretionary Time for any genuinely unpredictable events and other important observations, and guest observers can request unanticipated Targets of Opportunity (TOO) charging to DDT. For the unanticipated TOO (or "generic TOO" in distinction to "reserved TOO"), a compelling scientific case must be made for inserting them into the mission timeline. In addition, all pointing and instrument parameters must be specified.

To submit a request for observation of this type, please use the request form below (text version here), and send it to , together with a scientific justification (free format, within a few pages).

The decision whether to observe a TOO is made by the Observatory Director or his designated alternate. TOOs fundamentally interrupt the observing timeline (planned at least 72 hours in advance), so considerable work must be done to alter Suzaku's schedule.

******ToO Request for Suzaku DDT ********

1. Target Name

2. Coordinates in J2000
   (Please check whether or not your target is observable with the Viewing tool, 
    before you request a ToO).

3. Estimated count rates for XIS/HXD

4. Exposure time (ks)

5. XIS mode request if necessary
    (If the count rate exceeds  10c/s, please check
    http://www.astro.isas.jaxa.jp/suzaku/planning/ )

6. Purpose of the observation
    (Please explain  expected  scientific results and the merit
     of Suzaku ToO to help the project managers to judge the acceptance.
     Add appropriate  references if necessary.)

7. Urgency of the observation
   (Please be specific, such as "observation within the next 10 days 
    is necessary for the purpose".  Vague requests such as "ASAP 
    observation" are insufficient. ) 

8. Proposer's name and contact address

#Please note that the data rights of the DDT  observation belongs to the
  Suzaku project, and the data will be immediately public in usual case.


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